Acting unimpressed is tough in the age of Facebook

It's fascinating how people nowadays rely on social networking and the instant publishing facilities within these to validate their respective personal realities. Back in the old days, no self-respecting clubber would be caught dead toting a camera in an in establishment, much less posing for photos.

Alicia Silverstone's character's advise to Brendan Fraser's character as they entered a trendy club in Los Angeles in the movie Blast from the Past captures what the clubbing attitude was originally all about: "Act unimpressed". That's kind of a tough night time persona to achieve in today's world where Facebook poses have become what it's all about.

Even more interesting is this whole "Pinoy sex scandal" phenomenon. Like clubbing photos uploaded onto a social networking site, sex videos are now tickets to instant celebrity as well -- until you are caught...
Edwardson Base of Quezon City was arrested by Manila police operatives Sunday morning after his former girlfriend accused him of posting their sex video on the popular social networking site Facebook.

Base, who was nabbed in a sting operation in SM Manila, is facing charges for allegedly violating the Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act of 2004 and the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009.

According to the victim, a 20-year-old college student whose name was withheld by the police, she and the suspect were regularly communicating through text messages for four years before he became her boyfriend.

She said she remembered Base videotaping their intimate moments but added that he managed to convince her that the file has been deleted.

It's a tragic prospect to behold -- that many people today may realise on their death beds that they had lived their entire lives through the LCD viewfinding screen of their camera-phone.

Even Darth Vader in the closing scenes of Return of the Jedi requested that his mask be removed so that he may look upon his son Luke Skywalker with his own eyes.


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