Hong Kong to Pinoy migrant workers: "Eat my shorts"

The most recent bout of false outrage being exhibited by Filipinos involves our workers "rights" in Hong Kong -- specifically their exclusion from a minimum wage law recently implemented there.
In a statement, Dolores Balladares, spokesperson of the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body, said this decision makes “slavery, marginalization, poverty, and discrimination” legal in the former British colony.

Sure. Last I heard slave labour is legal in practice in the Philippines. We pretend to be a just and righteous state. And we are quick to exhibit that pretense when representing ourselves overseas.

To presume to exhbit "outrage" over "injustice" to our people in other lands comes across as laughable when one considers how utterly flaccid our own efforts to transform ourselves into a just society is in our own homeland.

And besides, there will always be an ample supply of willing Filipinos who will choose to work in Hong Kong over any time.


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