President Noynoy Aquino: Expert on all things Japanese

Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III is just a gaffe machine on fire! Most recent is his presuming to lecture the Japanese on "long-term programs and policies". That's coming from the leader of a people not exactly renowned for the virtue of foresight.
"The Prime Minister would serve for two years, and lately they have not been serving [for that long]. That obviously makes it difficult for us to deal with them. There cannot be long-term programs and policies that we can tackle. But hopefully they will settle this situation soon and that can lead to better cooperation among our countries." he said.

[Above quote from a Newsbreak report which is also accessible from this thread.]

According to the same report Noynoy also got his economic statistics wrong:
President Aquino referred to Japan as the "second biggest ODA (official development assistance) donor" when, in fact, they're our biggest source of ODA.

Hail to the Chief!


  1. Ah - a thought comes to mind...

    Who is the fool? The fool, or the those who voted the fool into office because they were fooled by the fool?

  2. It is time to shift to Parliamentary System.

    Enough with popularity votes. Only competent, sane and qualified leaders should get public offices.

  3. this is why i want charter change and not the cory constitution

  4. Filipinos are not stupid... Noynoy is just plain STUPID!

  5. Yes, Japan is the largest ODA donor of the Philippines. Wala pang utang na loob!


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