Catholic Bishops block state contraception policy anew

It starts again. The Roman Catholic Church of the Philippines has started to meddle yet again on what is a state issue, and one relevant to one of the key pillars of our hopes for a prosperous future -- population control. As reported on the
MANILA, Philippines -- In their first collective statement since the Aquino administration assumed office, the leaders of the Catholic Church called on President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to drop government programs that promote artificial contraceptives as a means of family planning

It also brings to question what role Catholic cleric and Armin Luistro will play in his post as Education Secretary. On the issue of sex education in the public school system, will Luistro act as an officer of the state or as an officer of the Church?


  1. How many more children must Catholic priests father before they allow contraception for all?


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