Noynoy Aquino: the Magician President

The trouble with being made out to be a magician by one's handlers and disciples is that one becomes held to expectations bordering on the miraculous. Perhaps in reference to how the eminent Conrado de Quiros once likened President Benigno "P.Noy" Aquino III to the Lord of the Rings character Aragorn, the Philippine Left in the rallies they plan to mark P.Noy's State of the Nation Address (SONA) before Congress today will for their part complement de Quiros's take with a Harry Potter-themed effigy...
Despite enjoying strong public support, Aquino's first address is expected to be met by street protests traditionally staged by leftist activists.

The activists have prepared a Harry Potter-themed effigy of Aquino to highlight their message to the new president.

'The question is if the Aquino magic will be enough to bring about genuine change or just the illusion of change,' said Renato Reyes, secretary general of the leftist New Nationalist Alliance.

That's only fair, considering P.Noy is supposed to be some sort magician who will cure the ills of the nation with a sweep of his wand -- or so Mr de Quiros claims...
Noynoy holds the key to it. If he discovers it, he will raise, like Aragorn who conscripted the dead kings and their legions in “Lord of the Rings,” an army mightier than any of his enemies can muster.

We're waiting for your mighty "army" to gallop in and save the day, Mr. President. I hope you do not disappoint us.


  1. all gloss. so showbiz. kudos to noynoy's main image consultants -- boy and kris. the philippines is suddenly about just entertainment.


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