Re-visiting Noynoy Aquino's promises to the Filipino people

In her column "Get Real", Solita Monsod is spot on about where an on-going holding of the President to account starts -- his platform. Unfortunately, Ms Monsod is having trouble finding the campaign platform of President Benigno "P.Noy" Aquino III...
IT IS a pity that President Aquino’s campaign platform, recorded exhaustively in his website during the election period, is no longer available there. What remains is his campaign slogan, his logo, his picture and a short message thanking us and reminding us that we’re all in this together, and that we, the people, are his strength. A great message, but I sincerely hope that the platform be returned, to serve as a constant reminder, to him and to us, of what he intended to do and how he intended to do it.

Fear not, Ms Monsod, we have foreseen that kind of sneakiness in the Yellow One and have kept a record of this "platform" in the section Noynoy-Truth-O-Meter. With this record of his "promises" to the Filipino we frameth Our Mission:
* Keep score of the promises made.
* Suggest metrics/KPIs that can be used to evaluate the campaign promise.
* Capture the existing data/metrics at the throughout Aquino’s term.
* Come to a conclusion on whether the promise has been delivered or not.

Check it out here and apply the sort of scrutiny that "platform" of a President truly deserves. Convenient links are provided to key sections of the platform:

* Promises on Anti-Corruption
* Promises on Economy
* Promises on Job Generation
* Promises on Health
* Promises on Education
* Promises on Justice System Reform
* Promises on Urban Poor
* Promises on Mindanao
* Platform for Overseas Filipino Workers
* Promises on Tourism

Do the right thing. Use a proper baseline for holding P.Noy to account over his six-year term.


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