No causal link between intent and outcome

Goodness. Goodness is a key pillar of the "platform" that catapulted President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III onto the driver's seat. He is perceived to be good and perceived to be full of good intentions.

But then:

There is no causal link between intent and outcome.

The goodness -- or badness -- of intent does not necessarily determine the goodness -- or badness -- of the outcome.

Indeed, there's such a thing as misguided good intent. There are lots of examples of this -- from the way parents presume to impose on their kids certain standards that worked for them (which may no longer be applicable or relevant) e.g. what college course to take, who to marry, etc. to the way the Church presumes to tell people how to plan their families.

As such we need to continue to regard all politicians' actions -- including the "good" President Noynoy's -- with a critical mind.


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