In the aftermath of the SONA gaffe: 19 more spokespersons to be appointed

It looks to be another case of over-compensation -- a reflex-like reaction to a spectacular lack of coordinated response coming from Malacanang as salvos of critiques on the 26th July Stat of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno "P.Noy" Aquino III pummelled his Administration. We are now seeing the possibility of no less than 19 spokespersons squeezing into the already crowded public relations machinery of P.Noy's government...
Mr. Aquino could have at least 19 new mouthpieces, based on the number of Cabinet-level agencies under the executive branch.

And the number could swell to more than 60 if each department further appoints a spokesperson down the line for each attached agency. The Office of the President alone has 40 attached agencies, while the Department of Agriculture has 20.

It's been four days now since that latest of Noynoy's gaffes more commonly known as his first SONA transpired. The only official statement coming from Malacanang since then (as far as I am aware) involves the President's own Budget Undersecretary clearing the previous administration of any illegal act as far as fiscal management is concerned. That, after the President spent practically half of his speech insinuating to the contrary.

So I find this statement of Communications Group Head Herminio "Sonny" Coloma rather interesting...
Coloma acknowledged that President Aquino may also commit "some lapses" in his six-year term.

"But as you have seen, he is ready to own up to those lapses. He's open to suggestions for improving himself," he said.

Four days since the SONA, all we have is a conflicting statement from his Budget Undersecretary and a defensive Op Ed from the Family Newsletter. Does that count as P.Noy "owning up" to the growing number of questions coming from those who apply a bit of brain to evaluating his SONA?

I think not. We need to hear from The Man himself.


  1. LOL. The way it's going, they'll have to soon change the convention of putting one's hand over his heart at the playing of the national anthem to facepalming.

  2. i even saw his speech nights ago about letting him do the work of the barangay captains for now. he is not god to be omnipresent. however, that's the image that he seems to be exuding, the same strategy that his image consultants are supportive of. unfortunately for the barangays nationwide, it's just an image. real life happens in the barangay at 1:30am when a domestic conflict happens and Noynoy the God is not there to sort it out.


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