Conrado de Quiros believes ex-Presidents are above proper procedure

I wonder what point Conrado de Quiros is trying to make by making something of former President Gloria Arroyo's having to subject herself to procedures that otherwise have to be "endured" by other Representatives in Congress...
[...] and now to endure the mortification of signing the Batasan logs and attending orientation seminars just to be within reach of the arc of light of power. Of course, other people have another word for iron will, resolve and fortitude, as least as she has shown them, and that is gall. Or addiction. Truly, dignity is of no concern to those who are hooked on shabu, or power. There are no limits to how far they will stoop to get their fix.

So let me get this straight, gramps, are you insinuating that following procedures is something an ex-President should be above?


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