Why do Filipinos vote drug traffickers into their Congress?

Another case for automatic targeting of Philippine passport holders for cavity searches at major world airports! Even Philippine Congressmen get caught trafficking dope. Considering that these bozos are elected by popular vote in the Philippines, one can conclude that Philippine leaders pretty much reflect the quality of their constituencies.
Singson, son of Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis ‘Chavit” Singson, was arrested at the baggage examination counter of Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok International Airport reportedly with 26.1 grams of cocaine and two tablets of diazepam, a sedative.

He has been charged with trafficking in dangerous drugs and is currently detained at Lai Chi Kok Correctional Institute.

It's a country of crooks run by crooks.

Rep. Ronald Singson jailed for drug trafficking in Hong Kong is the guy flashing the "victory" sign on the picture shown.


  1. Yoink! Nice going, dumbass. Not sure what the yardstick is that separates possession from trafficking in Hong Kong -- most places in the US, it's 10 grams. He had his bail denied, too; I'd say he's in big trouble.

    Julie says, "That's real karma for the father." hahahaha

  2. I can "live" with the fact the mindless voters voted a drug-trafficker in Congress. At least, people didn't have the idea what this people has done in secret while campaigning.

    What I can't live is the fact that Jalosjos, a convicted child rapist, was elected in Congress.

  3. what a douche. serves him right. unfortunately this doesnt mean he wont be reelected decades from now when the issue has died down.

  4. Yeah, Jalosjos is still tops in the list of Pinoy voter stupidity.


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