Kudos to Kanin Club restaurant!

I'm not a food writer by any stretch of the imagination, but I just have to do a hats-off to this resto Kanin Club. I had the pleasure of having lunch at their Westgate Mall, Alabang branch one weekend and it was by far the best meal I had during my short stay in Manila.

If I recall right, I had a green mango salad (I forget what it is called), some sort of grilled talong (eggplant) thing-a-ma-bob, some tinola (chicken soup), and what looked like a deep-fried tilapia that had been pulled apart into a flower-like sculpture. The turon (deep-fried banana, I think it is) topped by a scoop of mango ice cream was great too.

Just makes me wonder how Filipino food can be packaged so well within the country yet fail to make waves overseas the way Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and, of course, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese do.

There's a challenge for us.


  1. Whatever dude. Filipino cuisine is the BEST cuisine in the world. Your anti-pinoy mindset has clouded your judgment, as always.

    1. Pinoy cuisine is great, but not the best if you ask others. Your proudness makes you ignorant and stupid, as always.

  2. The reason why Filipino Cuisine fail to make waves overseas is because its lack of presentation and authenticity. It's usually just food smacked on any plate or bowl. Filipino Food need a little bit more imagination to appeal to foreigners. If you look at Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Indian food, they all require special types of plates, spoons and cups and style of preparation, which makes it a lot more fun to admire while eating. Filipinos should know that it's okay to let their customers, "play with their food."

  3. The food commonly served in middle-class homes and restaurants in the Philippines is, as a rule, enjoyable but not particularly healthy. In fact most of my Filipino family and friends seems to be allergic to anything green.

    In Sydney where I live there is intense competition amongst restaurants, with just about every culture represented except Filipino. The occasional Filipino restaurant that pops up from time to time seems to fail quickly. The ones I’ve tried in the past seem to lack one important ingredient, and that’s a business plan. Good home cooking is not enough. As previously commented, presentation and ambience are important, as are quality ingredients and consistency. And healthy options are increasingly important.

  4. I love kanin club too. I one of the reason why filipino cuisine is un heard of is because of the mentality and nature of filipinos abroad. They tend to blend in, be one of them, instead of being proud of their culture. When they have guest in the house, they serve american food, italian japanese to showcase their cooking skills, they onl serve filipino foods when they have filipino friends come over.


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