Photos of a group of Filipino men slaughtering and eating a dog

Just saw the photo below making the rounds on Facebook. The album from which it was lifted was posted by the Animal Welfare Coalition (see also The caption of the album indicated that the photos were "proudly posted" by a certain Bigleng Arcilla on "November 8" and whose friends include "Jeff Pecson, Jannella Cruz, Ar Tubaces Jr., Arian Canlas, Jhenypher Sison, Aljon Masiclat, Jerome Cabuso, Aldwin Arcilla, Darwin Delos Reyes, Emanuel Dane Sevilla, Al Mungcal, Aw Arcilla".

Warning: the album in the AWC Facebook page shows in graphic detail the whole process over which the dogs are slaughtered and roasted as pulutan (nibblies) in the group's drinking session.

Domestic dogs are hunted by many Filipino urban dwellers for food.


  1. Seriously?? I can't believe this. I guess this is normal in third world countries. Sad.

  2. Actually what I find amazing is that these bozos actually have Facebook accounts...

  3. Not too bright of them to post it on facebook. I wonder what will happen to them? What do you think benign0?

  4. What do you expect, Benign0? Filipinos are mostly idiots so expect shameless display of idiocy such as this one to be posted on social networking sites such as Facebook.

  5. yeah. i thought that they haven't migrated from friendster. worse, that they even have online accounts. digital cameras, yes, pero to go online and post in their accounts, that's another thing. i did not bother looking at the other pictures anymore coz i just had my dog's vet do a home visit hours ago so i'd rather end my day knowing that i cared for my own pet than hurt my eyes with the pictures.

  6. I have no problems eating dogs, they are animals too like pigs, cows and chickens. What i abhor is why these people had to post how brutally they slaughter it on the net. Even the Jewish and Muslim faiths have practices on how to humanely slaughter animals for food.

  7. "What i abhor is why these people had to post how brutally they slaughter it on the net."

    macho culture

    because according to male flips if you dont drink beer, eat pulutan, post this trophy(picture of slaughtering and eating an animal among others which im not going to mention) to your friends, and be a siga(goon)then you are not a MAN!

    maybe one of those triumphant examples of "pakikisama" mentality

    besides its more of a schoolyard bully mentality to me though

    and first time here in this blog. nice to meet you benigno.

  8. hello...i'm writing from Romania...yeah, it's THAT far the news has got...I have a question...anything happened to this guy(was he charged of anything)? I mean, ok, culture, tradition and so on ( they delapidate women with this excuse in other countries, so I am not surprised of how low can the human race go), but what they did was just barbaric. In brief, my question is- dis anything happened to them?

  9. Nope. This is the Philippines - where people routinely get away even with murder.

  10. * lapidated, not delapidated.
    too bad:( thanks for answering anyway. good luck!

  11. be careful about what you say about Filipinos. especially the one who commented this--3:22 PM, November 15, 2010

    ill kill you if i see you in the Philippines. fuck you!

  12. Pathetic Pinoy mentality at work yet again. And we wonder why people say a lot of bad things about Pinoys. :-D

  13. I am torn between dislikes. I dislike the dogs roaming the highways. I dislike people who eat them.

    What's a guy to do?

    As for people who swear at people they don't even know . . . I'd prefer a mangy flea ridden stray dog as a friend . . .

  14. Why would this macho guys post such things on facebook?? Indeed this is not a issue on eating dogs is bad or something. But it is beyond on being stupid infinitely!!! That is why i do deleted my facebook account. You surrendered enough anonymity of your self! Eventually, every living thing on facebook will hunt ya on you stupidity! This stupidity is called,"Presentation ANxiety",

    And this machos like to be seen eating dogs just like Filipinos stacking their CANNED FOOD(Imported) on their shelves!Which means to show off what they got!!! It is a hair-pulling fiesta!! DAMN!

  15. One word... Backpfeifengesicht

  16. Lol, Philippinos are bozos good for nothing morons. may flood and earthquake kill you all

    1. hey i genuinely hope whoever wrote this is dead and getting eaten by worms at this very moment because it’s what they deserve. 😘


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