Journalist Ces Drilon was in on Mislang's "pogi" quip

Turns out eminent journalist Ces Drilon was also laughing along with would-be boy-watcher Carmen "Mai" Mislang. I picked up the following screen grab from a post by a certain "John Casey" on

[Click image to enlarge.]

Kind of sheds a bit of light on why Big Media has been silent about this whole circus thus far, doesn't it?


  1. ano ba to bakit na-mention pa ang "supot" na word? kung gusto nya ng pogi e di sana nag club nlng sya no. kakabwiset.

  2. you are right on the big media issue. as for ces, may unconventional streak talaga s'ya kaya nga s'ya na-suspend ni ma. ressa 'di ba for not following protocol when she was kidnapped with her team sa Mindanao... hay. 5 months na nakalipas. one more month to go before the year-ender. can't wait to gather all the noynoy administration booboos and make the countdown.


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