Proud to be white-skinned Filipinos

I gotta hand it to the fine marketing minds employed by the Neutrogena empire. They use "fairness" and "brightness" as euphemisms to describe what are essentially skin whitening products. Just check out the latest press release of the Neutrogena line of products to add to one's "skin-brightening beauty regimen". These are products that, according to the marketing tag line, "aim to brighten complexion and give fair, even-toned skin" (more info on the Neutrogena Philippines Facebook page).

Look no further than their "Fine Fairness Brand Ambassadors" Patty Laurel and Isabel Roces (pictured).

Easy on the eyes, aren't they? If Neutrogena's marketing team have done their jobs right, it is a fair bet that these ladies represent the deepest physical appearance aspirations of the average Filipino schmoe.

Marketing in the Philippines is indeed a no-brainer. Just go for the gold mine of deep-seated cultural insecurities that reside at the renowned underbelly of the Filipino psyche.


  1. Ok, and how is this different from advertisement anywhere? This is how skin products are marketed in the US, too!

  2. @ anonymous: in the states for the caucasian but not all americans are even caucasian anymore. in manila i always see beauty product users with fair skin on the faces but kayumanggi on the neck down. that's just weird. there are some global brands that sell differently to asians coz they know how to work on the demographics without abusing sensibilities attached to the stats.

  3. Because Filipinos are Skin Freaks!


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