Carmen Mislang's trail of tackiness immortalised on the Net

Got these gems courtesy of "starczamora" in his (or her) post on

"Huwag ka na Sweet Twins. Salamat sa Google caching, nahahalungkat lahat ng chakang tweets mo." (Thanks to Google caching, we were able to dig up some of [Carmen Mislang's] tacky tweets).

Screen grabs follow (click to enlarge)...

Also noting the silence of Mainstream Media on this whole Mislang circus. Tsk tsk. They're missing out on a lucrative media frenzy. If I was a majority shareholder of ABS-CBN and the, I'd be firing their CEOs.


  1. target market kasi ng print and non-cable tv ang mga masa who go online for friendster and facebook or games only. and this market is still big kaya naman mainstream media still has clout enough to look the other way. too bad nga lang coz the same morons who look good on tv and in print are not themselves online where we know them to be hardcore. case in point: mislang as a speechwriter is actually noynoy on tv and in print while mislang online is the opposite.

  2. Do you know the US Library of Congress is archiving all tweets ever tweeted? Mai Mislang's Mistakes will never be lost!


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