Danilo Lim and Antonio Trillanes deserve to rot in jail

The whole evaluation being made around whether Antonio Trillanes, Danilo Lim and their band of morons deserve to be granted amnesty misses the whole point. The whole point is in how they, with reckless impunity, endangered civilian life using weapons that were entrusted to them by the state. Perhaps it makes it easy for people like "Father" Joaquin Bernas to see this now as just a question of what the intent was and how much remorse is being expressed today, because no one was hurt or killed...
They went through elaborate ceremonies which were meant to be symbolic of their noble goal. They seem to have considered their deed a patriotic feather in their cap and they will willingly assert that, yes, we did, even if we now regret having done it.

Nice try, padre.

The fact is, civilian lives were put at risk, and an entire future of political instability and ill foreign perception was created to the detriment of the ordinary Filipino schmoe who already struggles to find sustainable livelihood as it is.

Antonio Trillanes, Danilo Lim, and their band of bandits deserve to rot in jail for presuming to be the sole judges of whether what they perceived to be "good intentions" was worth risking ordinary Filipino lives.


  1. so you dont care with the reasons they have as long as the civilian lives are not at risk.

    i questioned that notion, first, if they let themselves be used on the corrupt ways of PGMA, i think that would entail risking more than the physical life of the pilipinos, if they are not brave enough to tell to us, how corrupt the government is, maybe until now we are ignorant that our life as filipino is being rotten by that regime....

  2. Isn't the primacy of the wellbeing of civilian lives the whole point of the existence of a democratic government and its supremacy over its armed forces?

  3. they will be given amnesty 'cause the corrupt noynoy (read how easy it is to put the word corrupt next to a name, anonymous?) is in power. cliche but true. bravery probably is similar to a yaya taking hostage her alaga coz she was allegedly mistreated by the amo. it's perfectly permissible to endanger the life of the alaga for the purpose of making known her allegation. that's what anonymous is contending. however, what trillanes did was not even permissible.

  4. The one must in jail is the past administration not the hero of telling the truth that their is a wrong doings of administration. Put the criminal in jail, not the hero's.

  5. What's GMA got to do with this? :-D

  6. patawa ka naman benign0 as if you don't know. so ano ngang ginagawa nung mga panahong binobomba tayo ng isyu ng kapalpakan at kabulastugan ng GMA regime? praising her tru your blog? hehe... show your color.

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  8. You be the judge. All of my opinions over the last 10 years are online. Do your homework. :-D

  9. A proper coup is not taking hostages like they did. They are criminals and should rot in jail. And who ever is the President, the Philippine government will still be corrupt and their will still be lots of poor Filipinos. Nothing has changed since President Cory took power. President after President, it's just the same. If their coup were successful, i doubt there will be much change, people in power will still be in power after. If not them, their son, daughter, sister, cousin etc. I agree with benign0..:)


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