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What separates the men from the boys: When people with something critical to say remain silent

Every now and then I get news about the who's-who (and some who think they are a who who's a who) of various message forums and online groups "grumbling" about the success of GRP, its network of bloggers, and its community of critical no-nonsense thinkers who've gravitated around its cutting-edge insight, and the profile we've so far built on the Net. And then I check out the comment threads of Get Real Post and wonder...

If there are so many of these yahoos who supposedly beg to differ to the ideas we put on the table to be subject to public scrutiny, the question to ask is: Where are the comments that aim to challenge these views? audience base: most highly-educated among Filipino collective blogs!

After just three months online newly-equipped with its collective blog, Get Real Post, it is interesting how now holds third place in world traffic rankings among the top six known (to me) Filipino collective blogs focused on politics and social issues. This is according to data.

Here are the rankings as of the 26th May 2011:

Bandwagon Commentators, Critical Commentators and the Philippine National 'debate'

In the Philippine National "Debate", I've observed two general types of participants which I've classified under two labels -- (1) bandwagon commentators and (2) critical commentators. Perhaps it might be a worthwhile exercise to classify noted participants in the Philippine National "debate" into these two labeled buckets. Labeling after all is a natural inclination of the human mind, and perhaps when we use a cognitive device that the average person can relate to, we can get a better understanding of what separates the men from the boys in the world of "debate."

Manuel Buencamino and other Noynoy Aquino apologists on the loose!

Seems like self-described political expert Manuel Buencamino focused on the form rather than the substance of what "Senator" Juan Miguel Zubiri had to say about President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's non-performance over the last nine months of his presidency. Quoting Zubiri, thus...