Manuel Buencamino and other Noynoy Aquino apologists on the loose!

Seems like self-described political expert Manuel Buencamino focused on the form rather than the substance of what "Senator" Juan Miguel Zubiri had to say about President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's non-performance over the last nine months of his presidency. Quoting Zubiri, thus...

Last Easter, the man occupying the Senate seat won by Koko Pimentel, expressed disappointment with President Aquino.
“The President is a friend, but he has no clear vision for our country. He has no 2020 agenda. FVR had a Philippines 2000, while P-Noy has none, not even for 2015… I support his anti-corruption, but after that what? What else is new?” said “Senator” Juan Miguel Zubiri.

... Buencamino then proceeded to debunk the myth of former President Fidel Ramos's "Philippines 2000" dismissing it as a mere "slogan".

Then he goes off on a grinding itemisation of various "initiatives" that Noynoy is supposedly involved in as well as a debunking of some of Zubiri's "advice", including:

* * *

(1) Noynoy's "fight against corruption"
President Aquino’s anti-corruption campaign is not only about going after plunderers, election cheats, and human rights violators from the previous administration. It is also about eradicating the climate of impunity where vermin thrived and prospered. It is about bringing back a sense of shame, propriety, and delicadeza.

(2) Zubiri's "unsolicited advice on oil price increases"
going full blast on bio-fuels production in a country with very limited space to plant and an exploding population that needs to be fed is not very sensible. It would make more sense to revive the slogan made famous during martial law, “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, bisikleta ang kailangan.”

(3) Zubiri's "proposal to eliminate the VAT on oil"
Subsidies always sound good. However, the revenue gap created by the loss of 12 percent in oil VAT, a very substantial amount, must be covered. There is no going around it. The question then is should the government impose new taxes or introduce cuts in the budget or do a combination of both in order to “pay” for the 12 percent fuel subsidy?

* * *

All makes for a good old-fashioned Pinoy style case of expert grandstanding. But then synthesise all that and what have you got? One citation of a cliché inititative that every President and his dog sloganeered about during their campaign and two counter-arguments against Zubiri's "suggestions".

But as to the whole original point of "Senator" Zubiri's musings; that is,

The mystery of the postulated existence of Noynoy's vision for the Philippines

Seems like even Buencamino is left scratching his pointed head when it comes to that question.

Perhaps we should ask Mr Buencamino or perhaps everyone out there who continue to renew their bizarre membership in the Cult of Noynoy Apologism the same question again at some future date.


  1. Your points are irrelevant.

    Manny Pac-man won again showing the world once more the greatness of the Filipino.


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