What the Philippines had "achieved" over the last decade

From the year 2000 to 2010 the population of the Philippines increased by eighteen million people. At this rate we will likely have increased our numbers by almost the entire population of Australia by 2012 since the turn of the century.

Imagine an entire country with the population of Australia coming out of nowhere over a ten-year period. That is what Filipinos had managed to "achieve" in ten years. What do we envision the Philippines to be like by the year 2016 -- the year when the term of a President who rose to power on an empty promise of "change" will have ended his term of office?

Hopefully we will by then have grown something else other than our numbers.


  1. Actually, you're a little off. The 18 million bit is right, but the NSO has been short-changing the population count by about 4 million for at least the last ten years. Just something I lately found out about. The country most likely passed the 100 million mark in September.

  2. Thanks, though I'd beg to differ with 4 million being just "a little off". Isn't understating by 4 million kind of like writing off an entire Scandinavian country?

  3. Sure is. And what makes it really disturbing is that it really isn't by design, it's just an inability to physically count enough of the population accurately enough to make the statistical manipulation work to generate a result within an acceptable margin of error. They know this, but as a matter of policy just shrug it off. "Eh, what can we do? Not enough funds or resources. Anyway, we got the figure in the ballpark, you get the idea -- how many people are there? A lot."


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