Carmen Mislang is innocent because ill-bred people do not know any better

No malicious intent in tweeting "Wine sucks" -- or so Ms Carmen "Mai" Mislang thinks. The reason she (and most of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's administration) thinks all's good in the aftermath of this tragic gaffe comes down to breeding. When one sees no harm done in what is an obvious act of rudeness, that indicates the nature of one's breeding.

Ill-bred people do not know better. That is because they were brought up to not know any better.

Ill-bred people are ill-mannered not because they have a conscious intent to be ill-mannered but because they cannot tell the difference between good and ill manners.

Mai Mislang is innocent of any ill intent; that is, innocent by the standards of ill-bred people. Indeed, Noynoy's Malacanang embodies the character of the society that put them in power.


  1. My current FB Status:

    In the Court of Public Opinion, one can get away with murder if the masses still adore him, while a reviled wise man will forever be condemned no matter what he does. Can there be justice in such a system? Nyet, non, nein, iie hindi, laa, NO!

  2. said it with glam. kudos! hope this gets across...


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