South Korea kicks Pinoy commie ass

South Korean government deports Filipino communists, and Filipinos get mad and try to get even! Indeed, the Philippines is living up to its place in the scheme of human civilisation as the butt of jokes exchanged by diplomats whenever they come together for grilled steaks and beers. According to Warden Bello...
"We cannot turn a blind eye to the South Korean government’s act of repression against Filipino nationals. This arbitrary act manifests a lack of respect for the Philippine government and the Filipino nation," Bello said in a statement.

Perhaps he should reflect a bit on the possibility that the reason foreign governments don't respect Pinoys is because Pinoys lack self-respect.

What a laugh. He is even suggesting that the government ban South Korean nationals from entering the country until their government apologises.
Representative Walden Bello of the Akbayan party list also urged the Bureau of Immigration to ban the entry of Korean citizens in the country until the South Korean government apologizes for its actions.

Perhaps it is Bello who should be sensitive to South Koreans who have for the last half century lived under constant threat of being overrun by their belligerent communist neighbour north of the 38th Parallel. A bunch of bozos with known links to an alebeit mediocre Philippine communist "struggle", being deported by a state that achieved mightily in discrediting their "cause" will not find much sympathy in today's world.


  1. ha ha ha, and you think walden is a commie, that is the biggest laugh. research first men,magbasa muna

  2. Whether Walden is a commie or not is kind of beside the point. The government and its supporters take serious umbrage at Hong Kong's having offered certain opinions on the RP's handling of a matter in which some of Hong Kong's citizens actually died, and then think its okay to tell South Korea what sovereign decisions it should make regarding certain individual Pinoys. And this coming from a country which sees no problem in blacklisting foreign visitors for something as inconsequential as a perceived insult.

  3. Bello, including Gabriela, the late Ninoy Aquino, Satur Ocampo, Randy David (even his daughter journalist), Casino, etc. all have ties to the communist party of the Philippines that hark back to the 1969 leadership of Joma Sison who, by the way, is conveniently pulling the strings of communism from a safe haven.

  4. BTW Walden Bello and the Akbayan/APL lot are accused of being revisionists and agents of the CIA. MAybe it's just that they are lying,cheating or stealing scum perhaps. The BAYAN lot just "imagines" they're the nabobs of Empire because they're paid in USAID and part of the AFP's intelligence wing.

  5. Walden Bello cannot be taken seriously at all. I think, benign0, you are giving Bello too much attention.

    I guess Bello just needed to make a statement for the sake of papogi.


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