Ironic: Bayan Muna rep hails Pacquiao - a product of the American Dream

Here's another one of those ironies that escape the renowned vacuous sensibilities of Filipinos. Bayan Muna "representative" Teddy Casiño gushes over the outcome of the latest bout that saw Manny Pacquiao emerge victorious once again:
"Manny is the epitome of skill, competence, sportsmanship, perseverance and everything good about being Filipino. He makes me proud to be a congressman.

First of all, Casiño makes no mention about the role that the United States -- with its vast resources, its industrial machinery for turning prize fighting into an immensely profitable spectator sport, and the expertise it consistently brings to bear in cultivating champions and turning them into stars -- plays in making Pacquiao the epitome of "everything good about being Filipino" that he is seen to be today.

And second, all of the above is coming from an officer of one of those commie-infiltrated "labour groups" who see America as the Great Reactionary and would, at the drop of the hat, hit the streets with their ha-ha placards denouncing "American imperialism" and pompous calls for the U.S. to butt out of Philippine affairs.

Every word that comes out from Pinoy mouths subtracts from the collective intelligence of humanity.


  1. C'mon dude. I know you were proud to be a Filipino when Pac-man won last Saturday.

  2. it's not really about pacquiao, anonymous, but the misguided source of the praise. the source being teddy the communist sympathizer casino who's more than ever just like noynoy and cheezy escudero who will open their mouths just for mileage.

  3. Why is it that many Filipinos get so passionate about the communists and communism? The Philippines has been a Feudal society from the beginning and nobody complains about it. It seems that the American McCarthyism have infiltrated the Filipino culture and fed it with rotten retorics about the communist "scare".


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