Trillanes et al have "suffered long enough" - Tanada

According to House Deputy Speaker and Quezon Rep. Lorenzo Tanada, author of House Resolution 524 granting amnesty to "Senator" Antonio Trillanes and a mob of "soldiers" who endangered civilian lives and damaged property as they mutinied against the government of former President Gloria Arroyo, benefactors of this "amnesty" have "suffered" "long enough" and are therefore deserving of a break (quoting from a Manila Bulletin report)...
It has been more than seven years after the original Oakwood incident and the cases against the involved members of the AFP have languished before civilian and military courts. I think that they have suffered the consequences of their actions, incarcerated long enough for their desire for meaningful change in our country. That mutiny, including the other incidents happened in the midst of the growing calls against corruption, electoral fraud and bad governance [...]

Given that the reason (as we are being led to believe) for their "long enough" "suffering", is a snail-paced civilian and military criminal justice system, I wonder now why any "resolutions" coming from Congress or "proclamations" coming from the President did not instead address that underlying problem.

If these bozos had indeed "suffered" due to the ineffective processes of our civilian and military justice systems, then somebody who is responsible for these processes must also be held accountable for that "suffering" Trillanes et al supposedly sustained.

For that matter, how about all those other poor sods who also have cases languishing in the system? They don't get this sort of "amnesty", do they?

Then again... pwede na yan. This is the Philippines after all. Land of emo politics.


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