Trillanes amnesty: based on popularity, power, and a nebulous national goal

This is an excerpt from Proclamation 50 granting "amnesty" to Trillanes and his mob taken from the ABS-CBN News site...
WHEREAS, it is recognized that certain active and former personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and their supporters have or may have committed acts or omissions which may be punishable under the Revised Penal Code, the Articles of War and other laws in connection with July 27, 2003 Oakwood Mutiny, the February 2006 Marines Stand-Off and the November 29, 2007 Manila Pen Incident and related incidents;

WHEREAS, there is a clamor from certain sectors of society urging the President to extend amnesty to said AFP personnel;

WHEREAS, Section 19, Article VII of the Constitution expressly vests the power to grant amnesty upon the President;

WHEREAS, in order to promote an atmosphere conducive to the attainment of a just, comprehensive and enduring peace and in line with the Government&rsquos peace and reconciliation initiatives, there is a need to declare amnesty in favor of the said active and former personnel of the AFP and their supporters; [...]

... in other words Malacanang recognises that Trillanes and his mob have violated the law; and as such have given the following reasons for this amnesty to be granted these bozos:

(1) Because there is a "clamor" for "amnesty"; and that,

(2) Because the President can; and,

(3) Said "amnesty" is "needed" to foster "a just, comprehensive and enduring peace";

The rationale of this "amnesty" boils down to (a) a motivation stemming from popular pressure, (b) availability of the power to do it, and (c) some vacuous nebulous goal.

One thing I can say about Noynoy's administration is that it is consistent -- consistent in its ability to insult the already meager intelligence of the Filipino.


  1. he should have just issued an assurance that the resolution of the cases of trillanes and company would be expedited or something like that.

    this amnesty sets a bad precedent.

  2. Just because one can do it, doesn't mean he has to do it. When are we going to learn from the lessons of the past? Why do we keep on rewarding this idiots who keep disrupting our lives?


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