Noynoy goes soft on both rebellion and manslaughter

It is a cause for celebration for the mistress of Jolog Central as she breaks the news that "Senator" Antonio Trillianes has been granted "amnesty" by President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

Just to give everyone a bit of perspective on how this ties back to our renowned culture of impunity, let me cite an article I wrote about Trillianes a while back where I highlighted this point...
How different is (1) the way Trillianes and his band of now-disgraced soldiers endangered the lives of civilians by engaging in a forced and armed takeover of a civilian establishment from (2) the way Rolando Mendoza mounted a forced and armed takeover of a busload of Hong Kong tourists?

This is not simply another gaffe that Noynoy can add to his long list. Within a single week, Noynoy has given the softly-softly treatment to people accountable for both (a) rebellion and (b) needless loss of life.


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