The right position to take on the RH Bill

The venerable Big Boss of (AP) summarised what in my opinion is the best position to take on the issue of Reproductive Health in the Philippines. He does this in a comment to a recent article on AP...
Catholics have the option of not availing the services.

Non-catholics have the option of availing the services.

The "services" here being whatever the state would be empowered to offer Filipinos (impoverished by their enormously unproductive numbers) if the Reproductive Health Bill is enacted to Law against the wishes of the Men in Robes of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

It’s simple, really™ — though not for the small-minded.


  1. Going against the will of God is NOT an option.

  2. How do we get to grasp or know what exactly God's "will" is?

  3. If it is "not" an option, then why is said option available to take?

  4. The options is to separating good and bad. Mag-isip po kayo ng mabuti. This is what separating mens and boys.

  5. We have free will... Though if you're a Christian, your job is to not to stop people from doing bad but telling them what IS bad. yung pagpigil trabaho ng pulis yon. The best you can do is to talk to them no matter what their response may be (or if they respond at all) and then PRAY that God would enlighten everyone. so what kung mali ang RH bill? it's not your job to stop it and you don't know din kung ano ung will ni God para sa RH bill. Just pray and ask for understanding.


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