The Economist weighs in on Noynoy Aquino's First 100 Days

The venerable Economist makes this terse assessment of Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's first 100 days in office in a 14th October report:
Since taking office in June, he has proposed scant new legislation and promised little. His speeches are filled with platitudes and swipes at his unpopular predecessor, Gloria Arroyo-Macapagal. Nor is Mr Aquino obviously interested in foreign affairs; he is a reluctant flyer and has cancelled several trips abroad. "He's not a statesman," sniffs one Asian diplomat.

They make other pointed observations...

(1) "he has tiptoed around a disaster that took place in August after a disgraced former police officer hijacked a tourist bus in Manila";

(2) "[his government] is packed with people whose main qualification is their loyalty to his family"; and therefore,

(3) his inclination to be fair in the dispensation of "justice" that was the cornerstone of his campaign blurbs are suspect: "Mr Aquino has ruled out prosecuting any official" and as such, "Rico Puno, the deputy interior minister, who also served President Corazon Aquino, the incumbent's mother, [...] will face no sanction".

Noynoy's possible saving grace?


Stick to his guns on his position on Reproductive Health...
According to a recent opinion poll, 64% of the electorate would support a politician who promoted "modern methods" of family planning. If Mr Aquino would take this as a vote of confidence in his nascent stand, he could do lasting good.

It's simple, really™ -- though not for the small-minded.


  1. Pero sa frontpage mo yung "Phil Composite Index" graph ay pataas at pataas. Hindi ba ito dahil sa ating mahusay sa presidente?

    Tapos ikaw, panay paninira pa rin. Sino ang mukhang ignorante ngayon ha? That what separating men from boys.

  2. The SWS says konti na daw ang nagugutom these past 3 months. Suspicious turn of brainwashing. The event is probably just imagined.

  3. Maybe PNoy has psychological effect on most poor people in the Philippines on the start of his term. Pero sana by the end ganon pa din. at sana mas maging masipag si PNOY like the previous president GMA (wag lang mga issue sa corruption), kasi if you compare, nag mumukhang tamad si PNOY e.


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