Perhaps Trillanes "never stole"; but what he really did was deprive Filipinos of much-needed RESPECTABILITY

According to the empress of Jolog Central in her recent published "insight" on the cutting loose of mutineer "Senator" Antonio Trillanes and his mob, "Trillanes and company never stole a single centavo from the government". I say perhaps. But in my book Trillanes and his band of bandits did something worse. His actions contributed to undermining the stability of the state and perception overseas of the Philippines as a viable market to invest in and do business with.


  1. typical filipino commentary yung reference about trillanes. it's like the typical filipino disregard for noise pollution. we think it does not exist as a hazard to our health. we only have a concept of air pollution and yet we're struggling to address it. likewise, we only regard stealing money from the people as the only sin against the nation.

  2. Benign0,

    You operate under the false assumption that Filipinos had respectability to be lost. Also, you take on another false premise: that Filipinos take their international "status" seriously. One only needs a short visit to Jolog central and realize that many live inside a delusional bubble where they are, and always have been, the center of the universe.

  3. great point benigno. i posted at ellen's facebook the following:

    "the interference of PNOY at Trillanes et, al, group damaged our our institution and shall fuel military adventurism in the future and hope to gain sympathy from the incoming President if the "coup" is not successful".

  4. Fair enough, guys. One can't really highlight the consequences of a loss of something to someone who never had much to lose to begin with. :-)


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