Sassy Lawyer Connie Veneracion weighs in on Trillanes and limpdick Pinoy politics

The venerable Sassy Lawyer Connie Veneracion finally weighs in on all the moronic happenings that have been transpiring in recent weeks. Great insight and clear positions articulated coming from a truly insightful mind (unlike some lawyers). Here are my key takeaways from that great piece...

* * *

The "amnesty" granted "Senator" Antonio Trillanes

(1) Pardon and amnesty "extinguish criminal liability", in effect "REWARDING criminals for the crimes they have committed".

(2) Amnesty makes culpability disappear.

(3) Filipinos are complicit to encouraging impunity by virtue of the concurrence of their Congress.

In the Philippines, crime magically disappears.

The re-engineering of the Rolando Mendoza hostage fiasco IIRC report

(4) DILG Undersecretary Rico E. Puno and PNP Director General Jesus A. Verzosa -- ABSOLVED.

(5) Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim given a flaccid slap on the wrist with a no-substance "Simple Neglect and Misconduct in Office under Sec. 60 or the Local Government Code".

Philippine Media off the hook but not without a tarred-and-feathered fall-guy in the form of Maria Ressa. Tsk tsk...

* * *

Whew! The flaccidity of the approaches taken, the thinking involved, and just about everything that goes on in Philippine politics is breathtaking!


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