Lipotomy: a one-session non-invasive procedure - but read the small print

I recently read -- with horror -- about a procedure called "lipotomy" recently "brought to the Philippines" by a certain "Doctor" Aivee Aguilar Teo. In an article on the author Kinny Sales related how she lost two pounds in two weeks as a result of undergoing this "non-invasive one-session procedure". Sales endured this supposedly easy procedure to "look good on [her] birthday".

Indeed the procedure involved only one session. But just reading about the subsequent recovery period was by itself quite painful, so I can only wonder about the actual experience Sales went through...
You are then poured into a dominatrix-like compression garment with strategically located holes for bathroom access which covers below the knee all the way up to the bottom of your breasts and instructed to wear it for 24 hours on the first week. You bathe and sleep with it after two weeks.

Yikes! But there's more...
Ankles started swelling due to cut-off circulation and rashes formed on my inner thighs so I had to remove the garment during the first week while sleeping. Putting it back on was torture as it was so tight it took 45 minutes. By week two I was in the tightest setting and effortlessly could put the suit on. I had four free follow-up control sessions which involved the ultrasound machine, cavitation, vibrating and flat iron. A. Fifteen minutes of sound waves alternated between pricking intense heat and itching which I have very low tolerance for. This was the worst for me because they kept increasing intensity at each session. My threshold was 40-50 while most people are 75. B. Cavitation, vibrating and flat iron were worst during post-lipotomy and the first control session as I was bruised so the sensation felt like a jackhammer on ribs mixed with tickle torture with the flat iron. These became a breeze during the last two sessions. Those who are bigger may need more lipotomy rounds.

Obviously people like Sales have a lot of time on their hands (and most likely a lot of servants on their payroll) to go through such trouble.

The results are all quite measurable...
My bra line lost 3 centimeters which is just a little over an inch but that seemingly small measure eliminated lumpy back fat above and below the bra giving me a smooth line plus I went from the outermost hook to the tightest setting with cup size intact. I dropped two dress/pants sizes as promised with the muffin top hips eliminated.

... but begged the question:

How does one acquire "lumpy back fat", "saddlebags" on the hips, and "muffin top hips" to begin with?

Kinny Sales, in her case, wrote that she gained these as a result of "fertility treatments". Fair enough. But it is a safe bet to assume that this "procedure" will be pitched at a market consisting of ladies who have, shall we say, a less fair set of excuses for possessing what society considers to be such undesirable physical qualities.

Perhaps when we consider in the bigger scheme of things how the lifestyles of the average Filipina predisposes her to the sort of weight gain that fuels the market for these "non-invasive" surgical procedures, we can begin to understand where the real issues lie with regard to our ladies' regard for their self-esteem.

By the way, happy birthday, Ms Sales.


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