Despite control over Big Media, Kris appeals for praise for P.Noy

You gotta wonder how, despite all the Kamaganak Inc resources at their disposal, specifically that which affords control over the Philippines' biggest Mainstream Media outlets, Presidential sister Kris Aquino still finds the need to issue an appeal for the public to highlight the "good things" that her brother, President Benigno "P.Noy" Aquino III, does and make sure that "the world could hear it"...
“To all the people who express love to our family thank you but to all of P’Noy critics while our family accepts criticisms may I say if there is a good thing that my brother has done please sound it loud so that the world could hear it” said Kris.

Kris issued the appeal during a speech she delivered early morning yesterday during the first death anniversary of her mother former President Corazon Aquino at the Ninoy-Cory Aquino Park at the Luneta.

Here's the thing; perhaps if and when something done by the President is really good, then the result will speak for itself. Key word at work here: results. When real good is being done and when real results are being achieved, it becomes easy to sound off good things about the doer.

For now us "critics" will have to leave the sounding off of "good things" done by the President to those whose job it is do exactly that. For those of us who are independent of that whole machinery, we'll simply wait for those results.


  1. victim complex mode na naman si Kris. the world already knows about the goodness of noynoy. ABS-CBN, ANC, the Philippine Daily Inquirer and a few more reps of the yellow media ba naman ang active na active araw-araw eh. sobrang effort nga eh haha

  2. Goes to show that at the end of the day, the opinion of an impartial third party carries more weight than the opinion of people that one exerts influence over. Perhaps that is where Kris is coming from. They no longer find validation from what the Media that they have control over is saying about them.

  3. To quote Kris, "if there is a good thing that my brother has done please sound it loud so that the world could hear it".

    I guess there is none. Unfortunately.

    Ninoy is not Noynoy.

    Cory is not Noynoy.

    And if you believe in that reasoning, it is tantamount in saying that the son of Kris, Josh will become President someday because he is an Aquino.

    Well, my point is, there is no monopoly of good governance. And the Philippines is not a monarchy where only the Aquinos could rule.

  4. unfortunately, ronald, GMA news has sounded off in one of its reports during the campaign period that the Aquinos is the closest that the Filipinos can come to having a royal family. it's no longer wishful thinking. that's the prevailing mentality these few decades propagated by the yellow media. at least those tainted by hepa.


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