A Sage among Fools

I found the following poem authored by a regular AntiPinoy.com (AP) commentor who goes by the handle Aegis-Judex. It was posted as a comment to the article "Noynoy Aquino: Being President is no longer a popularity contest". I think it encapsulates in lyric form the character of the presidency that currently imprisons Philippine society.
A Sage among Fools

When intellect and merit are trounced by fame,
The society shall know naught but great shame.
Those who think shall shudder and flee,
Leaving simpletons in joyous glee.

I am one whose thoughts differ from those of my race;
That is, if they think, which is a sin in this place.
No, they follow what the masses choose,
Even if they will ultimately lose.

I value intellect, I value my head.
For this, I am evil, or so the fools said.
I care not for surveys, for they are for fools.
Those who think are true humans; those who don’t, mere tools.

No fool can understand that which I put to pen,
For truly, it is but beyond his ken.
Intellect and merit are needed the most,
For it proves one worthy of holding high post.

Kudos to AP commentor Aegis-Judex for coming up with this piece of brilliant poetry.


  1. the one who penned that is like an employee who assumes his designation every single day in a typical office filled with busy bodies who spend so much time stirring coffee and visiting the restroom. the employee is diligent enough to work according to requirements but he still somehow finds himself the victim of office gossip by the busy bodies. the philippines is like that. has been for a few decades.


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