Official Website of the Philippine President: designed by jeepney mentality

Jeepney mentality is how I'd sum up the "thinking" that went into the design of the Official Web site of the Office of the Philippine President. Blogger Rom Sedona calls it a "webGASM" and I agree. It still looks and feels like the same platitude-infested campaign site that helped rocket Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III to the presidency. The site is a Noynoy site and NOT a site that informs the public about the Office of the President. Note the URL: The site is supposed to be about the Office and not the man.

Ultimately it comes down to credibility. And credibility propped up by pedigree is wearing thin as Sedona points out...
Since you talk to us like we’re kindergarten kids, let me talk to you the same way.

Feedback and transparency means we tell you what you did wrong, then you tell us what you did about it, so we can tell you what you’re still doing wrong, and so on and so forth until we drop the topic. Got that?

Oh and, please, drop the Tito Noy page. I mean seriously. How the fuck can you tell people to eat their vegetables when the President unashamedly and unrepentantly stuffs cancer sticks in his face all day long.

Credibility and transparency?

Noynoy and his handlers have quite a history of summarily deleting stuff from their websites. The first time we caught them red-handed deleting moronisms that have come under close public scrutiny was back in October of 2009 when Noynoy's embryonic "platform" disappeared from his campaign site. More recently in July this year, economist Solita Monsod noted how the more detailed campaign promises also published in Noynoy's campaign site simply disappeared without a trace...
IT IS a pity that President Aquino’s campaign platform, recorded exhaustively in his website during the election period, is no longer available there. What remains is his campaign slogan, his logo, his picture and a short message thanking us and reminding us that we’re all in this together, and that we, the people, are his strength. A great message, but I sincerely hope that the platform be returned, to serve as a constant reminder, to him and to us, of what he intended to do and how he intended to do it.

Kudos to the architects of this centrepiece of Noynoy's "Communications Group". You guys need to grow up into the technocrats that you are now. I could've done a better job as this example shows. Then again, I don't think the Philippine Government can afford me.


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