Sharon Cuneta: the new Martha Stewart of the Philippines

I read today that Sharon "The Megastar" Cuneta is going to be billed as "the Philippines' Martha Stewart" in the new "lifestyle" show Sharon at Home to be launched by the Lifestyle Network. Presumably, the Megastar's mass appeal is seen to be a guarantee that the new show will hit it big...
"We'd been on the lookout for our very own Martha Stewart, someone whom the local viewers could relate to and whose way of doing things could easily be done here using local materials," Tippy Benedicto, Lifestyle Network channel head, told Sharon at Home magazine for its July to September 2010 issue.

Hmmm, local viewers?

One thing I recall about the Megastar is that the bulk of her fanbase lies amongst the C-D crowd, which makes me wonder how exactly her "talking about the virtues of her own herb garden or telling us to organize our linen closet this way, or that X cheese goes with X wine" will resonate with the target audience.

Perhaps I might suggest a few topics that could broaden (and possibly deepen) the appeal of her new show:

- 7 steps to a trendily-furnished two-by-two metre barong-barong
- 1001 ways to serve rice and patis
- How I juggled motherhood and my high-powered labandera career
- Top 5 fastfood backdoor takeouts
- Da Best AM Radio DJs
- Weekend getaways for less than P100

We are open to more suggestions...


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  2. Sorry, I mis-spelled something. Let's try again:

    --101 Things You Can Do With a Blue Tarpaulin
    --Kalamungay Favorites for the Holidays
    --Simple Home Remedies to Lower Your Abularyo Bill
    --10 Things You May Have in Your House Right Now That You Didn't Know You Could Pawn

  3. How about this:

    - Roofing with tyres - a handyman's guide
    - The Lotto - an investor's guide


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  5. i clicked the link. uy ABS-CBN! that explains a lot..

    the comments i read on site reflect the true nature of the people writing them. hehe


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