Retaining Filipino professionals with the luxury of choice

First it was a mass exodus of senior weather forecasters from the Government-run Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). Then it was pilots resigning en masse from flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL).

Most recent is a reported exodus of geologists from government service.

These are professions that are critical to some of the most essential services in a nation physically fragmented over more than 7000 islands, situated in the typhoon and monsoon belt of the region, and within the volcanically active Pacific Rim of Fire.

Air services that physically connect the islands, weather forecasting which mitigates damage to property and loss of life from the routine weather disturbances that hit the archipelago, and expertise in the field of understanding the land that sustains much of our industry, infrastructure and mineral supplies -- all weakened by basic human standard-of-living issues.


  1. yeah - and this fool of a president we have has the guts ("kapal nang mukha") to blame PAGASA...!!!

  2. and even if most of the exodus happened years ago as with the case of PAGASA top employees, who can stop them? they have good reasons to go for jobs abroad kasi mag ok ang pay. it's their right to choose for themselves things that they think are good for them. the issue are replacements. if the replacements are good enough kahit di pa sila seasoned (pun intended), walang problem.


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