P.Noy now thinks there is too much "entertainment" in Philippine Media

Funny, how a President whose campaign surfed upon a popularity wave powered by the awesome influence of his showbiz sister, the backing of a cadre of celebrities, and the Jedi mind tricks played on the public by the biggest media conglomerate in the country now appeals for more intellectual content to balance against mere entertainment. Observed by an Inquirer.net "reporter" at the end of an address given by President Benigno "P.Noy" Aquino III during GMA 7's 60th anniversary party on Friday at the Makati Shangri-La...
P-Noy briefly noted the occasional "debate" about "whether to use more airtime … to strengthen your bottom line or to expose people to socially relevant programming." His challenge: "Do we grow as a people if we have too much airtime devoted to entertainment? Doesn't programming that enhances good governance and encourages civic action also contribute to a better bottom line?"

We will recall that the Administration wasn't above tapping the "influence" of showbiz star Kris Aquino in influencing the vote on the Senate presidency. So important was this to the President that he even attempted to spring alleged rebel leader and "Senator" Antonio Trillanes from prison.

My question then to the President given the wisdom he espouses, that "programming that enhances[s] good governance and encourages civic action also contribute[s] to a better bottom line":

Deosn't behaviour that encourages due process also contribute to good governance?

Carry on, "Chief".


  1. the programming we see on TV are from broadcasting companies that are privately owned and running on business mode for advertiser money. this is regardless if the show's a comedy-drama or a public affairs one. and the news we have on TV is very organized already that we can now breakdown the airtime that each news program devotes to specific issues: 1) presidential news 2) ex-presidential news 3) news about rally 4) pulse asia survey results 5) showbiz 6) sports 7) foreign news 8) weather


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