Can the Mendoza hostage tragedy be considered "laughable" in two to three years?

According to Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, the problems the country faces in the aftermath of the Aug. 23 bloodbath that killed eight Hong Kong tourists are things that we can simply laugh about in two to three years time. Furthermore, he added that we will be able to recall by then that these were "not that grave". All this in an report...
"Our problems now, in two or three years we can say that they are laughable when we recall that they were not that grave," Mr. Aquino said in Filipino.

Unless the laws of physics can be foreseen to change in the near future, I doubt if those eight tourists could be expected to be any less dead in two to three years' time. So I don't know exactly how an avoidable tragedy such as the one that happened on August 23 could be any less "grave" two to three years hence, much more "laughable".


  1. A few weeks after the incident, the press and media laughed at Manila Mayor Lim's statement about eating at a nearby Chinese resto during the hostage-taking crisis coz he honestly thought that it would drag on the next day anyway. President Noynoy does not have to wait for 2-3 years for that to happen.

  2. Who in his right mind would say such a thing? In 2 to 3 years...they are laughable...they were not that grave. He's nuts!

    He must have laughed at his father assasination 2-3 years later.


  3. It makes you wonder, does Noynoy say "Maliit na bagay lang iyan na wala dito your father!"? What does Noynoy tell James when the young boy has those attacks -- the normal emotional distress when a young boy realizes that his father is not around at all.

  4. I think Noynoy was raised in an environment where every issue or problem that comes his way can be easily made to "go away". And that plus this whole speak-only-when-spoken-to ethic are mentalities he brought with him to Malacanang.


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