Extra! Extra! The Philippines is a "basket case"!

Rather laughable is the high expectations that the Usual Suspects of petty Philippine politics harbour of what may be revealed by WikiLeaks about the Philippines. According to an Inquirer.net "report", Filipino "militants" expect the information from Julian Assange's infamous site to "reveal detailed information exposing the extent of US involvement in the country's internal affairs" and another bozo crowed how "never before have the secret workings of US foreign policy been opened to such public scrutiny".

As for me, I more of wonder why it is only now, several weeks into this unfolding media circus that the Inquirer.net comes up with headline news about WikiLeaks. I think it is because it's been confirmed in leaked memos exchanged between Australian and United States diplomats that the Philippines -- get this -- is a basket case.

Come on now. Did we really need WikiLeaks to tell us that?

Obviously it is news to many Inquirer.net readers.


  1. Protectionism needs to be expelled here in our country, for the oligarchs' spell to be broken; Cha-Cha must be achieved RIGHT NOW.

  2. What no one here or elsewhere, and apparently not even within the Wikileaks 'organization' seems to have caught on to yet is that the really important information passed between various agencies of the US around the world is not contained in unencrypted cables that a lowly PFC would have access to.

  3. easy now. i'm an inquirer.net reader.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, the same goes with "CLIMATEGATE", I haven't read anything of it in our local newspaper nor in Ch 2's quack newscasting.


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