Noynoy Aquino still crying over his cherished 'Truth Commission'

Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III continues to be beleaguered by a Supreme Court that is "'singling out' his administration". Trouble is, it's all in his mind -- a mind conditioned to squeeze every drop of equity off the victim card that is. Poor guy. He can't seem to move on and focus on next steps. According to a report, Noynoy almost three weeks since the Philippine Supreme Court junked his precious "Truth" Commission remains "disappointed" with that outcome. He further laments...
"When my mom started in office, there was PCGG (Presidential Commission on Good Government). It's still existing. It was not declared unconstitutional. During President Estrada's time, there was a Saguisag commission to study a particular act of President (Fidel) Ramos," he said.

The Saguisag commission tasked to investigate the (1998) Centennial Expo had not "been considered unconstitutional," according to him.

"Ms. Arroyo herself had set up so many commissions investigating particular subsets of our society. None of them were deemed unconstitutional," Aquino pointed out, referring to the Melo and ZeƱarosa commissions, among others.

Boo hoo hoo. Poor little President is the victim as usual. Veteran statesman and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile sums up the way forward for a President that remains fixated on his little shattered dream...
"I cannot understand why they (MalacaƱang) could not use the Department of Justice. If the purpose is to investigate the past activities of a previous administration, then why not the Department of Justice?" Enrile said.

"If I remember correctly, the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman is for people in government, if they commit venalities. The former president is no longer in the government although she is a member of Congress but you're investigating her acts, not as a member of Congress but as a member of the executive," he explained.

Indeed, it is hard to understand, for those of us who think and act like grown men, that is. Perhaps Noynoy needs to pause and study his adversary in greater depth. Perhaps someday he will grow the same sort of balls that former President Gloria Arroyo carried around with her for the last nine years.


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