Manny Pacquiao's compatriots - di naman pala papalag

Proud to be like Manny Pacquiao Pinoys watch helplessly as China builds structures on territory claimed by the Philippine government. China had reportedly constructed a "lighthouse" on Subi Reef -- an area occupied by Chinese military personnel but also claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam.

But what can we do? Laments Muntinlupa Rep. Rodolfo Biazon...
"Whatever we will do will have to be backed up by some mobilization of certain diplomatic, political and even military force but do we have any of those?"

I recall a while back writing that we cannot keep what we cannot defend...
Our society is an INSULT to the outstanding soldiers we send to battle and the world-class boxing champs we and the rest of the world worship.

That's Da Pinoy.


  1. Maybe this brewing situation explains the show of PAF power I saw flying south over my house earlier today -- a formation of four Cessna 172's.

  2. Sigurado Peanoys will run to UN crying, sob, sob and more sob. UN will act issuing a statement, "We highly condem China's Erection on 'The Said' reef." Tapos ang kuwento.

  3. Ang palusot ng China ay ganito, "We are guarding the lighthouse for the Safe Navigation on the high seas." The question is whose quid pro quo? Mga Chekwa talagang Magaling Sa Checkers, hindi pa ito Chess ha.

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  5. Are they Cessnas now? At least back in the 80's the Tora-Tora's they used to bomb Camp Aguinaldo were warplanes (forgetting for a moment how obsolete they were).

  6. They're T-41's, which is the military designation for the Cessna Skyhawk, and what passes for training aircraft these days (the US stopped using them as basic trainers years ago). That's because the Aermacchi S.211's, which are really only supposed to be jet trainers, have had to be pressed into service as the front-line combat aircraft. The PAF initiated a "modernization program" in 1995, and well, we can see how much they've accomplished with that.


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