Mayor Alfredo "dead HK tourists" Lim accompanies P-Noy to launch book on Aquino successes

As the famous saying goes. the winners get to write history. That, indeed, is what is happening as President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III launches The Inaugural -- a book about, what else, him and his family. Everything about the book has Kamaganak Inc written all over it. The book is published by Maria Montelibano, a cousin (surprised?) of Noynoy.

Like they had done, back in the 1980's with the help of the family publicist ABS-CBN, history is now being written around the Second Aquino Administration...
"I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to all those who offered their times and talents just to publish this 'The Inaugural' book. Most importantly, thank you to everybody who gathered stories of our success from the first automated elections up to the heroics act of our volunteers and our unity to fight the dark side of our history to bring significant reforms," Aquino said in his message.

Successes? It is a bit of an irony that the astounding number of failures and gaffes over the last six months of the Second Aquino Presidency was simply glossed over even as gross-epic-failure-embodied Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim sat in the President's company as he delivered the above speech in -- where else -- the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

Mayor Lim, if we recall, is the man on whom blame for the deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists in a bungled rescue operation back in August 23, 2010 is most palpable. Ellen Tordesillas reports...
He has never admitted mistake for the debacle that claimed the lives of eight Hongkong tourists and strained relations with China and its prosperous administrative region, which hosts thousands of Filipino workers.

The IIRC , in fact, put the blame squarely on him. The committee, headed by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, listed eight incidents that turned the crisis into a tragedy. Lim had a role in almost all of those incidents. irony that most likely will simply fly over the vacuous minds of most Filipinos.


  1. ArticleRequest:

    Hmmm.... Why don't we counter this book by having APs writers with the help of its readers launch a book of its own 4 years into the Noynoy Admin entitled "The Noynoy Delusion" ? It's high time that we set the record straight on all these myths surrounding the Aquinos that the yellow opportunists are using to bolster themselves and delude the masses and these b@st@rds in the Yellow Empire be exposed. Let's not forget the whole "Noynoy Siya na Nga ang Bagong Messiah" delusion that is making a mockery of the so - called educated class.

  2. Maybe; I'm inclined to think, however, that the pathetic state of everyone's individual lives and that of the country in general in four years time, assuming this "momentum" can actually be sustained for THAT long, will speak volumes more than any sort of "I told you so" anyone could come up with.

    The thing about "I told you so" is, the damage has already been done -- you all should've listened in the first place. And if you need "I told you so" to help you keep from making the same mistake again -- i.e., you're otherwise not able to recognize the problem on your own -- you have bigger problems than can be solved by a mere analysis of recent history.


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