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  1. i don't really mind even though our getrealist ideas aren't being understood & absorbed by many filipinos... i've been promoting getrealist ideas to several OFW groups ome of which are ofw groups in qatar. but really, only a handful are able to grasp or even comprehend what getrealphilippines is all about. most shall i say are more concerned about willy vs. abs-cbn or the latest on their favorite telenovela plots :<>

    one thing i am sure about though, that my children will be growing up with the concepts & constructs of getrealphilippines!

  2. Yes, it is indeed a slow process, and if all this were all about coming up with popular views, then coming up with the sort of warm, fuzzy emo sentiments would be more of our focus rather than all this hard-to-swallow stuff.

    The important thing is that we go after our respective spheres of influence and send out consistent and sensible messages. At the end of the day, quality endures while popularity eventually burns out. :-)

  3. I'm just happy (that you're happy?) that the internet allows us to vent.

    Also, having gone to CSB over the past few years I would like to clarify that "emo" has degenerated into "hipster." Popularity doesn't burn out, it just changes color.

  4. I've said it before that I read your POV in other blog as interesting.

    Who is this somebody that you've offended -

  5. @ Trosp, that goes way back to the days when I was active in I have a pretty good idea who set that site up. But because I have no proof of who it is, I'm not gonna name names. ;-)

    I acknowledged the existence of that site way back in 2005, as you will find in this archive of my "What's New" page.


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