The promise in Noynoy's government: "632 million jobs" without lifting a finger

Check out what Albay Gov. Joey Salceda said in the recent ABS-CBN News report 'Aquino name to boost RP economy':
"It's a trust in governance. It is not Noynoy you are voting for but what you feel what will happen to the country if he is president. I expect investment to shoot up to about 8% of GDP, or about P632 million so that's 632 million jobs being created without him doing anything but just be president," he said.

(Boldface added by author for emphasis)

How about that? Now people are claiming that results will simply magically happen without the new President even lifting a finger.

What we're seeing today could be the advent of a concerted campaign mounted by the Yellow Army to deflate the public's expectations of the Second Aquino Administration. These are expectations that soared in the wake of President-Elect Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's own presidential campaign in the first half of 2010.

Considering the idiocy of a statement such the one quoted above, the article from which this quote was lifted was actually made today's (21 June 2010) top headline on the ABS-CBN News website (image captured below).

Phase II of the Aquinoist agenda: Noynoy's president now. The campaign bullshit's got the job done; time to sweep it under the rug.


  1. Who wants a job for one peso?

  2. Not even the watch-your-car boys!

  3. i'd pay noynoy a peso to get me a job if i needed one.



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