spins positive on Noynoy's separation anxiety disorder

The Editor, true to form, sheds rose-coloured light on the token frugality President-Elect Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III applies to the conduct of his inauguration at the end of June. This is "virtue" is made stark by using the "evil" extravagance of out-going President Gloria Arroyo as a backdrop to heighten the contrast.

This is the overall theme of today's (22nd June) Op-Ed and references to Noynoy's goodness and Gloria's badness peppers the piece. But this passage is particularly revealing:
We hope, again in contrast to his predecessor who made 77 trips abroad in nine years (the masa have a word for this—nagsamantala), that the new President will limit his foreign travels only to the most important ones. The country has enough Cabinet members and ambassadors who can attend to its diplomatic and trade relations.

It echoes Noynoy's emphasis on his lack of inclination to travel abroad to meet with his peers opting to delegate that schmoozing to his henchmen instead. That's his family publicist hard at work putting a positive spin on what's been observed to be a likely case of the separation anxiety he has so far exhibited.


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