Is Conrado de Quiros turning into a religious nut?

Is it just me or is Conrado de Quiros starting to sound like some kind of religious nut? He seems to be, and his god is "Edsa":
It was as though a not very minor miracle had just taken place, also not unlike the way the Biblical epistlers described the rock at the tomb of Lazarus rolling away to reveal the return of life. Or not unlike the not very minor miracle the people themselves saw not very long ago, which was the end of a long night and the dawning of a new day, the miracle now called Edsa.

The event last Wednesday in fact did not just send echoes of Edsa, it was an Edsa. It was the culmination of what I have always described as an Edsa masquerading as an election.

And he raves on like he is speaking in tongues...

Edsa was there with the rejection of GMA, who clung to the elections even though she was not a candidate, and everyone who was associated with her.


And Edsa was there at the Batasan last Wednesday. On the surface the event was to proclaim Noynoy Aquino and Jojo Binay as the new president and vice president, which drew to their side a horde of well-wishers and sycophants in equal measure.

And he goes on to end his piece like a perverse prayer...
It was more than that, much much more than that. It was the ending of tyranny, it was the kindling of hope, it was the renewed demand to make the impossible dream possible. It was the difference between day and night. It was the difference between light and dark. It was the difference between right and wrong.

It was Edsa.



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