Time to remind Philippine Media who's BOSS

The crystalline clarity that is emerging from the fog of primitivist thinking nowadays is how the Philippine Media has for the last couple of decades fixated itself on highlighting the eee-vils of despotism, tyranny, absolute power and all that emo fodder. Yet the fact that is coming to light now is that they themselves hold, monopilise, and wield so much absolute power themselves.

Time to dismantle that tyranny and put the Philippine Media in their proper place!

As I mentioned in that previous article:
Instead of stepping up to being a key contributor to enriching the national "debate", the Philippine Media facilitated its further degeneration into a cesspool of regurgitated inbred ideas delivered by mutual-high-fiving Noli de Castro knock-offs.

If we can vote for our politicians then we as consumers can certainly Vote with our Remotes!

Philippine Media should follow Noynoy's lead: Noynoy knows who his BOSS is.

It's time Philippine Media is reminded as well WHO THEIR BOSS IS.


  1. The whole Filipino government should figure out who the boss is. I am amazed at how many people in the government think that it's the people that serve them when it should be the other way around. It should be the people of the government that serves the people.

  2. the Philippine Media (well most actually) nowadays enjoy their supposed "liberties" and "media freedom" so much that they blur the lines between correspondence and arrogance with their downright stupidity..


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