Noynoy's guessing game spoilt by Donald Tsang's office

What was Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III thinking when he tried to pitch across as a blind item an August 26 letter he found "insulting" supposedly addressed to him by Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang. In his statement to the Media, Noynoy referred to this letter as one coming from "a Hong Kong official" that he chose to "ignore", perhaps deferring to some perverse way he interprets the Philippines' adherence to the One China Policy.

But that is beside the point. The point is more around how Noynoy seemingly thought that he'd get away with not being forthcoming about naming the sender and, instead, keeping the public guessing. Unfortunately for him the Hong Kong government is not into playing such infantile guessing games. When one has nothing to hide, one feels no obligation to hold back on information as Tsang's office subsequently demonstrated...
Tsang’s office said the chief executive had written to Aquino on August 26 “in a respectful and polite manner” thanking him for his government’s assistance but also setting out issues he hoped the “independent, professional and comprehensive investigation” would explain.

... as if to stay to the Filipino public: guess no more, that "Hong Kong official" was Mr Tsang.

Once again we find out more from a foreign government than from our own President. And guess who ends up looking like a chump yet again.


  1. Does he not know when to just shut up? I mean, seriously: if it was a letter he ignored, what possible value was there in even bringing it up in the first place?

    Geez. At least Erap was funny.

  2. Our current president likes to takes cues from his showbiz friends and sister kaya he loves to dish out blind items. Remember days before the SONA when he spoke to reporters about how his SONA would tackle this and that. Parang teaser lang ng The Buzz and Star Talk. How cheap.


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