The about-face of Bagong Alayansang Makabayan (BAYAN)

Ok, help me figure this out. Militant commie group Bagong Alayansang Makabayan (translated "New Nationalist Alliance" - BAYAN for short) is a top preacher of the doctrine of America as source of all the world's evils. So what's up with this placard?

And since when did "solidarity" with the "jobless of America" coming from anyone in the Philippines for that matter make any sort of sense?


  1. WTF? You're exactly right, what does this have to do with anything? Did they completely run out of things here to conduct impotent public demonstrations about?

  2. Yeah. For lack of a better word, corny is how I'd describe it.

  3. The American Middle Class is being slowly destroyed. This is the Bilderberg Agenda.

    Another financial crisis will come. Ben will have to do QE3. Another 2 trillion dollars gets printed, oil will hit $160, gold $2000. Rich get richer while everyone else continue to be fooled by the propaganda.

    A great war is coming my friend. Do you think World War I was really about the killing of a stupid Duke?

  4. Could it be that a good number of jobless or soon to be jobless americans are fil ams? This group has a decent number of members/supporters out there.

  5. Ewan ko lang kung san kayo nagbabasa ng mga libro ninyo.

    Internationalist solidarity yung tawag diyan.

    May google naman. Basahin niyo nalang.

  6. ang ibig sabihin nito, pagkakaisa sa hanay ng mga mamamayang walang trabaho upang itulak ang gobyerno na bigyan ng enough attention ang mga mamamayan at hindi lang puro bail out upang isalba ang malalaking korporasyon. magkaisa lumaban para sa karapatan ang nais likhain ng nasabing solidarity not limited sa local but in international expand....


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