A social experiment to be performed on the commentor known as 'GabbyD'

Most people in the small subset of the Philippine blogosphere that I have come to know best in the last several years are familiar with a commentor who goes by the name "GabbyD". The following is a little social experiment I proposed to him in reply to the most recent of his typically non-added-value commentary.

Hey I've got an idea, GabbyD. How about we run an online experiment that goes like this:

(1) I put all comments of yours subsequent to this in the Spam queue.

(2) You go off and get up on your soapbox elsewhere (say, somebody else's blog) and announce to the world how the Admins of GR Post don't practice "free speech" here.

(3) We both sit back for the next couple of weeks (or years) and see if:

(3.a) anyone out there actually cares about what you have to say about our Admin practices here; and,
(3.b) anyone of the regular commentors here in GR Post actually miss your presence and clamor for a reinstatement of your comments.

I think the above little experiment will be good for a few laughs.

What do you think?

Some small print for you to take note of before you reply:

- "Yes" or "No" will be acceptable responses to the above proposal
- A "Yes" answer will put the above proposed experiment in effect immediately (the period over which it will be effective will be revealed after said experiment takes effect).
- A "No" answer will, effective immediately, subject any further comments you will make to criteria that will be applied in a decision to retain or mark your comments as Spam once in effect. This criteria is applicable only to YOU and subject to arbitrary modification by GR Post admins based entirely on our whim.
- Any other response to this comment (beyond the recommended Yes or No) will be interpreted as a "Yes" (and the proposed experiment subsequently put into effect).

Your move. :D

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata...

nyek nyek!


  1. You should allow his comments. They are quite entertaining, sometimes.

  2. To have comments published is not a right. In my view every blogger should moderate comments. It's in the best interests of readers that published comments are lucid, to the point and interesting. Too often respondents wander from the point, criticise other respondents and generally degrade the quality of discussion. If a comment does not add value to the original posting then drop it. Who judges what adds value and what doesn't? Easy, the owner of the blog.

  3. I agree very much with Greg. Thank you for that.

  4. @Greg

    Finally, someone who understands what bloggers have to go through. Thanks

  5. There was a time when Benign0 was very accommodating to gabbyD. But I guess patience has its limits.

  6. It is not surprising that there are still people who think they can post on blogs without thinking of what they put into it. This guy GabbyD, based on his comments in GRPost, looks like he is either not thinking or just very stubborn whenever he posts there.


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