A fine specimen of an apologist ranting on behalf of Noynoy Aquino's 2011 SONA

Poor Manuel Buencamino. The title of his latest article on ProPinoy.net alone already sufficiently describes the sort of attitude that apologists of Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III tend to take. In "A clear message. Period", Buencamino makes his appeal to the public on how they should regard Noynoy's recently concluded State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered to joint sessions of Congress -- the message is clear, basta it is! End of conversation, right gramps?

More important is the underlying character about the typical Filipino mindset that the following excerpt from Buencamino's article reveals. Referring to critics' generally consistent observations that the SONA lacked vision, Buencamino's apology reads thus:
It’s easy to deliver a SONA with a vision that comes with a blueprint. The world does not lack policy wonks. And President Aquino could have hired a whole school of them to come up with a speech that would give wonks an orgasm. But titillating wonks is not what he set out to do. He was more interested in talking directly to the nation. So he spoke to them in the national language, about things they care about.

Indeed, Filipinos being Filipinos do not care for the future nor embrace it. This has long been evident, even to Jose Rizal himself. This nest of atrophied foresight that is Philippine society is a perfect audience to the highlighting of spilt milk fiesta that is the SONA and the drivel of apologists such as Buencamino.

Interestingly enough, Buencamino included in his article, some links to the SONA "Technical Report" then proceeds to use these to "challenge" his challenged readership:
Now, to those still unable to comprehend what the SONA was all about, I suggest they read the president’s budget message and comb through his budget. It’s the roadmap. I hope they can read maps.

Perhaps to Buencamino's consternation, someone did rise up to that challenge, no less than consultant Ben Kritz who, for his part had come up with a succinct but comprehensive analysis of that "Technical Report" in his piece The Second SONA of Noynoy Aquino: Highlights from the Technical Report which was published before Buencamino's lame SONA apology came out on ProPinoy.net.

To Kritz's comment...
Yeah, it’s a road that leads straight over a cliff, if the enormous increase in the zero-results CCT program (which I hear is riddled with corruption, e.g. employed people on eligible lists, etc.) is any indication. That’s not a program. That’s not a plan. That’s a band-aid solution, and not even a good one at that.

...this is all Buencamino had to say:

Get Real! Pa Ben Kritz-Ben Kritz ka pa diyan. I smell rotten tilapia!


One thing's for sure, being accused of being an alter-ego of the esteemed Ben Kritz is something I'll take as a compliment.

There is of course a bigger lesson to be learned in the way Noynoy Aquino apologists such as Manuel Buencamino conduct themselves. It is a lesson that Aquino is slowly learning as he continues to warm the vastly diminished seat he sits on in MalacaƱang -- that sometimes it is the people who surround you who will ultimately be your undoing.

By the way, Mr Buencamino, here is a comment of mine that remains under moderation on ProPinoy.net as of this writing:
Hey MB, I’ll take you’re [sic] speculating that I am Ben Kritz as a compliment. But do keep on guessing. That’s what two-bit bloggers like you do best.


  1. Ha Ha! I missed that. I'll have to jump back in there and give the screw another turn myself.

  2. A real class act, that guy is. :-D

  3. Benign0/Ben Kritz,

    Your deception has been exposed. We all know that you are one and the same. But please do keep up the charade. We find it pathetic yet humorous in some way.

  4. Oh and please give my regards to Super Sireyna Ilda.

    What is it with you Anti-Pinoys and your alter egos? Self hatred. Yeah. Makes sense now.

  5. Hi, benign0 - Thanks for the writing/observations. It's one of the few things that keeps my sanity together after deciding to move to the Philippines a little over four years ago. I did that when I married a Filipina (amazingly good wife btw). At the age of 56 (this Sunday), as an American who has lived in many places, I can safely say that the Philippines is a disorienting experience, to say the least!


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